New Semester & Fundraiser Dates

On behalf of the Board Members, Children & Parents of the students of the Children’s Dyslexia Learning Center I would like to thank everyone for your past support of the Philadelphia Learning Center.

We are proud of our past achievements: the center has managed to continue serving the Dyslexic Children and to make progress in becoming self-sufficient even in difficult times.

We have continued to help children who were frustrated, ridiculed and doomed to live a future that would have negatively affected their lives. The center provided the students with an opportunity to succeed in life, thanks to the support of our Masonic Brethren, Lodges, Civic Groups, family and friends.

Our new semester begins September.

It is the beginning of a brand new school year. With that continues our ongoing effort to raise money for the center. We need your continued support if we are to succeed. Please consider attending our fundraisers and giving financial support whenever possible.

I have listed below a tentative list of fundraisers planned for the next school year:

Please direct questions regarding the Center or these events to Tom Wible 215-219-9839 or e-mail