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Millions of school children with dyslexia endure frustration and demoralization on a daily basis as they struggle to acquire skills that many of us take for granted. If your child is struggling with reading and writing, how do you know if dyslexia is the cause? Where can you go for help?

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Dyslexia and Your Child

  • Dyslexia is considered a specific language disability.  Other learning disabilities may or may not be present.  It is a disorder that exists across a continuum, with varying manifestations depending on the individual.
  • Some Characteristics of a Dyslexic Child
    •  Difficulty saying the alphabet correctly in sequence.
    • Difficulty forming shapes of letters.
    • Difficulty writing the alphabet in sequence.
    • Errors in naming letters.
    • Reversals, additions, transpositions, omissions, and substitutions when reading or writing.
    • Difficulty in learning and remembering printed word.
    • Difficulty with handwriting.
    • Difficulty with reading comprehension.
  • Secondary Characteristics
    • Receptive/expressive language skills.
    • Delay in spoken language.
    • Difficulty finding the “right” word.
    • Late learning directionality.
    • Problems with temporal sequencing.
    • Family history of similar problems.